Sustain: Plant Based BCAA & Coconut Water

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Orange & BaobabOrange & Baobab

Now with Cordyceps Mushroom

Sustain your work out, reduce muscle breakdown and recover faster on the go with fast-absorbing, delicious tasting vegan BCAA powder.

- 5g plant-based BCAA per serving to enhance muscular strength

- Fast acting hydration from coconut water and pink Himalayan salt

- Delicious tasting and fast-absorbing

- Enhanced with cordyceps mushroom to improve focus and endurance

How to Use

Add 1 scoop (10g) to 250ml water or coconut water. Drink up to 30 minutes before and / or during your workout to sustain performance and minimise muscle breakdown.

Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients / Nutrition Facts
Plant Based BCAA
Pineapple Juice Powder
Freeze Dried Coconut Water
Stevia Leaf
Baobab Fruit
Cordyceps Mushroom
Himalayan Salt
Freeze Dried Blueberries